wall decor ideas

Wall Decor Ideas

5 Ways to Decorate the Walls In Your Home

Today we’re talking about wall decor ideas! One of the warmest features of a home can be its walls. You may have heard it said, “Design is art with purpose.” This year, feel empowered to practice refining your own design skills — to artfully design your space with purpose and confidence. When you set about designing your home’s interior, particularly the walls, give thought to blending form and function — the aesthetic and the practical.

wall decor ideas

Bedroom Wall Sconce

Wall Decor Tip #1 – Add What Grabs You

Often, the elements we already have on a wall need only one complimentary piece to really make them look complete. There are whimsical wall details like this lighted tin star sign, or this wall mounted Ice Cream Cone. You can even up the design style with a show-stopping feature like decorative headboard. The ice cream cone sign nearly arrested me and I can’t stop thinking about where it might find its place in my home. This piece could serve up daily delight to any passer-by!

wall decor ideas

Wall Mount Head Boards 

Wall Decor Tip #2 – Use What You Have

It’s easy to go the way of a quick purchase to satisfy the desire to update your wall design, but take time to consider the pieces you already have — pieces you actually love and would like to see on your walls. Maybe there’s a box of family wedding photos from past generations. Perhaps you’d like to frame your second grader’s haiku written in her own hand, but you just haven’t had the time. Select from your own inventory and place your choices on your walls.

Wall Decor Tip #3 –Remove What no Longer Pleases You

It always feels good to edit. In one season of our lives, a framed quote or painting may speak to us, but in another it may not carry the same punch. Choose a room whose walls need your TLC. Remove any piece that no longer resonates with you. Give yourself permission to transform the look of a room with this simple step.

Wall Decor Tip #4 – Hang What Helps You

Every home needs its fair share of hooks and shelves, so put some thought into these critically important wall elements. Hooks are an important part of any wall decor. From the work suit to backpacks with this French Country Valet will be perfect. The constant need for places to hang things makes hooks a staple of any home. A cluster of single hooks or a weathered board with a series of hooks like this charmer for the bath, our rustic towel rack, it instantly adds both style and function.

wall decor ideas
wall decor ideas

Wall Decor Tip #5 – Collect What Reflects You

One of the best pieces of design advice out there about wall decor tips is to be patient as you add design elements to the walls of your home. You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, your wallet will thank you for heeding this advice! Over time, purpose to find unique pieces that embody an aspect of your life which you truly value and from which you derive comfort, pleasure or affirmation. Does the farmhouse theme bring back memories of your grandma’s kitchen? Does 50’s decor remind you of your teenage years and falling in love with your sweetheart? Look for the pieces that speak to you.

wall decor ideas

Sliding Chalk Board

Think about creating vignettes with your wall decor, your walls can tell about your story, express your individuality, charm your guests, and make your life easier. The options are many and can include heirloom fine art, framed family photos, a shelf of children’s art, and nostalgic silhouettes.

wall decor ideas

Painted By Local Artist Darren Daveluy

To personalize your walls, hunt beyond these framed wall features. The array of choices can be overwhelming, but if you train yourself to think critically as your own interior designer, you will narrow your options to only those that stir something in you and would work on a specific wall in your home.

Picture a watercolor of an empty metal skiff and a pair of oars nestled in tall marsh grass on peaceful waters along a South Carolina shore. This might capture the heart of an individual who grew up on the water. However, the same painting does not necessarily carry the same wow-factor for another. While for one homeowner this work of art embodies something real and important, for another it has no place. One piece of art. Two different emotional responses. Neither right nor wrong, but genuine responses to art which demand respect.

These wall decor tips can also be used for other features of your home, check out this guide of how to give your home a quick refresh without breaking the bank.

wall decor ideas

Easy Wall Decor Ideas

Art speaks to us and we respond. The beauty of art is that each of us experiences it in a way that is unique to us. In art, there is no wrong answer. It is absolutely personal and you need not and should not feel pressure to conform your taste to your sister’s or to the trends of the day.

Shopping online can be an efficient and helpful way to look for pieces that capture your attention and cause you to “add to cart” as you consider adding them to your own home. It’s your home, so you are uniquely qualified to be the lead interior designer. Start with your walls. Use what you have, take off your walls what you no longer love, add a special piece, hang hooks or shelves that will work for you, and over time, collect what reflects you. The Kings Bay is your one-stop shopping source for all things wall-related. Now go for it! And enjoy the hunt.

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