U S Mint Iron Padlock Lock with Skeleton Key

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The Skeleton Key Lock collection from The Kings Bay is an exclusive range of locks that will unlock the charm and security of your home or office. The perfect combination of the antique charm and modern usability is in our wide assortment of skeleton key locks. Every lock in our set is a proof of the classical beauty that skeleton keys are famous for, crafted with accuracy, and created to the most sublime of the designs.

From improving the appearance of an old furniture to the security of a vintage wooden door, our skeleton key locks will provide you with the perfect answer. Providing a range of styles and designs for you to pick from, The Kings Bay makes sure that every taste is catered for, making it easy to find a lock that is not only suitable for your security needs but that also complements your décor. Enter the world of old-fashioned elegance with The Kings Bay’s Skeleton Key Lock collection and make your place one of a kind combining history and security right now. Check out our website for the whole range and welcome a piece of heritage at home.

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    US MINT Iron Padlock Reproduction

    Swivel brass key hole cover
    this wine cellar lock works great and looks
    like a treasure chest pirate item
    comes with two keys
    working padlock
    4.5″ tall by 2″ wide
    iron and brass riveted construction

    Age: New Reproduction

    1 review for U S Mint Iron Padlock Lock with Skeleton Key

    1. Ethan Martinez

      This skeleton key lock is an excellent option for a weather-resistant feature. It cannot be tampered with. I feel that I’m safer than before.

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