Red Wood Old Style Replica England Telephone Phone Booth England London British

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Antique replica of a cast iron English telephone
street scape phone booth

Construction : Real WOOD
 ( not mdf press board life others you might see out there !!! )

Cheerio Mate! Step inside this old English phone booth and
feel like you've been whisked away to England.
This new model phone booth is made of solid mahogany with
individual beveled glass window and is a fraction of the
cost of the cast iron originals. Mahogany allows for easier movement
of this great item into your home or bar.
Drop us a line for our delivery / trucking charge to your curb
These can take up to two weeks to ship out and get to you,
so if you need on fast let us know.

89.5"T X 32" X 29 1/2"D
Door Size is : 73 1/2"T X 29.5" W 
  opening is:   28" X 70 1/2"
Individual Beveled Glass Panesl
Age: New Antique Reproduction
Weight: 280 lbs

Mahogany Solid WOOD Construction
NOW comes with solid brass knob that 
has been blackened to look antique

* indoor use only

Additional information

Weight350 lbs
Dimensions48 × 48 × 90 in