Claw Foot French Tin Garden Metal Bath Tub Stunning Aged Not for Bathing


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Garden Bath Tub Container That Replicates The Turn of the Century
( Not for us as a real bathtub )
Original found in the back country of french antique shop. Now replicated at only a fraction of the price of
the first one we found.
Cast iron feet and stamped tin construction
( rusted and aged with almost green tint finish )

Construction: Metal – Steel Tin
Age: Antique Reproduction
Dimension: 60 inches length by 30 inches tall and 30 inches wide (overall dimensions)

One more hard to find item from The Kings Bay
( cannot be used as a tub for a home , it is a garden decor item only )

Additional information

Weight150.0 lbs
Dimensions48.0 × 40.0 × 40.0 in