Clairvoyance Curated New Artist Shane Judge Brutalist Swords #1


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    Post apocalyptic iron and mixed media sword on wood frame
    Futuristic hand made with modern elements in a world with
    no modern tools.

    Help shift your consciousness to align with higher levels of
    light. The iridescent colors given off by the Labradorite, shift
    in a mirror-like effect as you view them, providing protection
    from negative energy. Protection from energies is especially
    important during cosmic events, as they bring negativity to the
    surface for everyone as they start anew. This blade will form a
    barrier around your aura for protection and help to visualize
    the changes necessary to realize your destiny in the future

    The board it is on is 14" x 11"
    This is part of The Kings Bay young fresh new artist collection. Sure to
    impress your guests with your progressive taste


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