Antique Beige Dome Porters Chair w Natural Finish French Balloon Bonnet Canopy


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Old Fashioned Burlap Style Fabric Country
French Porters Dome top Chair

 Round Dome top chair removable seat cushion

These Downton Abbey style chairs were
and are still made to keep the heat from a fireplace
on your body.
A fireplace at the turn of the century only warmed your
front, where the “Well To Do”
had done cushioned chairs to keep the heat in with you. 
They make great cigar smoking chairs
and also have heard of folks putting in lights at the top and
even speakers for tremendous musical effect
This one is a winner, hand crafted hand made, each
a unique piece of art with natural maple wood frame.
Very limited supply on these!

18″ tall to seat from floor to top of seat cushion
61″ overall height
30.5″ wide at widest point
31″ overall depth
Extra Firm seat cushion

History of a Porters Chair:

A *porter’s chair* was a type of chair used in medieval England and later France
Usually formed in a high-grade leather or red velvet ( newer styles
can include white, beige or just about any fabric ).

It was placed by the front door of an estate or home for use by a gatekeeper servant who was
 in charge of screening guests and visitors.
 This was necessary since the door knocker might not be heard throughout the house.

Since there were often cold breezes near a  front door, the chair was designed to envelop 
and keep the servant relatively warm in his task of remaining at the door for long periods.
 It is best described as a hollowed-out egg shape, very high and enclosed back, standing on end, 
four legs, with hand rests and sometimes with a 
notch for a lantern at the side, allowing the person to sink back into
 it out of the wind and await visitors’ knocks.

​Age: New Antique Reproduction

Construction: Texture Burlap Style Fabric with Maple Finish Wood

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