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  • 6 Ft Bronze Native American Indian Chief Statue with Shield and Spear


    6 Ft Native American Chief Dressed in a traditional attire and ready  for combat, this cigar store Indian warrior features impeccable detail and  a bronze painted finish.  Surveying the heartland with a skull beneath his foot, weapon in hand, our life-size  headdress chief is sure to be the landmark  piece of your establishment. Painted right…

  • 6 Ft Bronze Native American Indian Chief Statue with Spear and Headdress


    6 Ft Native American Chief Dressed in a traditional attire and ready for combat, this cigar store Indian warrior features impeccable detail and a bronze painted finish. Surveying the heartland with a skull beneath his foot, weapon in hand, our life-size headdress chief is sure to be the landmark piece of your establishment. Painted right…

  • 7 Ft Lighted Statue of Liberty with Glass Flame Shade


    7 Ft STATUE of LIBERTY Crafted from thick cast aluminum,  our 7 foot, verdigris painted Statue of Liberty post light fixture features a frosted GLASS flame  shade and exquisite replica detail.  Using only the finest of oil bases paints,  each purchase is painted here at our warehouse with multiple coats to insure your years or…

  • Adorable Pig with Gold Wings Statue in Non Rust Aluminum – When Pigs Fly


    Flying Pig The day has finally come…  Whoever needed soaring swine to make them  a believer, let them know that they're in luck! No, It's not a bird or a plane, but a flying pig! Hand painted right here in our warehouse.  Great for barbecue restaurants, retail stores, or as home decor.  Dimensions: 17 inches…

  • Alien Statue Sitting on Bench Drinking Can – Selfie Photos Glow in Dark


    Alien Statue Art Installation Need a perfect selfie spot in your business ? How about a glow in the dark alien that’s in need of a friend? Fresh from Area 51 and ready to unwind, our life size spaceman lounges in his seat, sipping cold drinks while saving you a space. * The alien comes…

  • Area 51 Alien Martian Statue for Outdoor or Indoor Use 5 Ft Glow in the Dark


    Glow in the Dark Alien Statue. Yes, this really does glow in the dark and is the perfect guy to put in the woods and trick your friends. Is he real? What is that ? Greetings Earthlings! After Crash landing on reconnaissance from Mars, and fresh from its escape of Area 51, this 5 foot…

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    Baby Brachiosaurus Sinclair Dinosaur Statue 92 Inches


    Explore the beautiful realm of vintage delight with our unique Sinclair Dinosaur line from The Kings Bay. Emulating the sentimental values of the famous Sinclair Oil Corporation, the series is a must-have for both collectors and fans. No matter if you’re decorating your home, office, or business, Sinclair dinosaur merchandise creates one-of-a-kind history and whimsy to anywhere.

    All the pieces in our collection have been painstakingly crafted with the aim of invoking the golden age of the American automobilia. From Sinclair Dinosaur statues that command attention to practical and themed displays, there is a piece tailor-made for every fan that adores this American icon. Our products are ideal gifts or for your own collection and they are built using quality materials to stand the test of time, like the Sinclair Dinosaur.

    Whether you are making your décor more elegant or looking for a nostalgic gift, our range will definitely put a smile to your face and sprinkle some retro flavor in your life.

  • Big Cast Aluminum Baby Elephant Statue


    Baby Elephant Statue He may not fly, but he sure is cute! Freshly painted and ready to go on parade,  this quality cast aluminum sculpture is compatible  for either indoor and outdoor use.  Completely hollow, the trunk features an opening  which would allow for a pump and tubing turning this  darling statue into an animated…

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    Bronze Painted Baby Rhino Statue 62 Inches


    Baby Rhino Statue The Rhinoceros is one of the largest remaining  megafauna in the world! Though their diet is consistent with other herbivores,  an adult rhino can weigh up to a ton when fully grown.  Just like a few people that you may know, the rhino is  a thick skinned, small minded creature that enjoys …

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    Bronze Painted Buffalo Life Size Statue in Metal Bison Huge Dark Rich Finish


    Bronze Painted Life Size Bison From the plains of the heartland to the heart of your yard, this majestic beast roams free and unbothered. Bronze painted and very large, this American bison statue is the perfect for: Western Stores, Parks, Schools, Mini Golf, Etc. Built to last and painted here at our warehouse. Has a…

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    Bronze Painted Hippo Statue 70 Inches


    Baby Hippopotamus Statue. Hippos are hoofed vegetarians that feed  on grass,  fruit, and crops such as sugar cane.  Known for being mostly nocturnal animals,  the hippopotamus has exceptional eyesight companied by  a clear membrane allowing for greater visibility when underwater.  Contrary to the belief that these creatures are just  large and docile, the hippopotamus boasts…

  • Bronze Pelican Sculpture on Piling Post Statue With Faux Rope


    Bronze Pelican Sculpture Swooping through the harbor and into your home  or business is this massive 74 inch pelican sculpture.  Nestled firmly on the piling, this detailed piece features  non-rust cast aluminum and a bronze painted finish.  Comes in either a bronze or matte black painted finish.  Please leave a note in the comments at…

  • Cigar Store Indian Bust in Bronze Painted for Aficionados


    Cigar Store Indian Bust The cigar store Indian is an advertisement figure, with a likeness of a Native American, used to represent tobacconists. This is a nice one for tobacco shop or on a desk. Cigar Aficionados will be very happy with his one. Painted here in our warehouse! Dimensions: 21 inches Tall by 8…

  • Cute Seated Pig Statue for Indoor or Outdoor Use Farm Animal Decor Wilbur


    Seated Pig Statue Oh, to be a pig.  Sloshing in mud, basking in the sun, and consuming  whatever with zero guilt. The world your oyster, or truffle,  with a continuous feeling of satisfaction.   Hand painted right here in our warehouse,  this detailed piggy is ready to WHEEE all the way home.  Who knows, maybe…

  • Full Size Replica Fire Hydrant Dated 1904 in Red


    RED New York City Fire Hydrant Dated 1904 with an American eagle logo, this antique  replica New York City fire hydrant comes quality crafted  from thick, non-rust cast aluminum and finished with  safety red paint.  Can be altered to make:  light fixtures, sprinklers, hose dispensers, etc.  Perfect for your yard, dog park, or local fire…

  • Full Sized Replica Fire Hydrant Dated 1904 in Green


    Check out The Kings Bay’s premium Fire Hydrant selection, your one-stop shop for top quality, long-lasting, and beautiful fire hydrants. Our fire hydrants for sale are specially made to suit a number of purposes whether you want to improve the safety measures of your commercial area or you are looking to add a unique feature to your residential landscape. Our range of fire hydrants is detailed designed and durable, thus, each of these hydrants combines practicality with elegance and would be a wonderful addition for any place.

    Fire safety equipment calibration, repair, and installation is our specialty at The Kings Bay and we know how important reliability and efficiency is. That is the reason why we use premium materials in the manufacture of our fire hydrants ensuring that they last and are reliable when it counts. Our fire hydrants come in variety of designs and colors –they can blend in the environment or become a focal point- what ever your preference.

    Do not settle for one or the other; browse our collection of fire hydrants on sale at The Kings Bay today. Regardless of your needs, you are bound to find a fire hydrant that meets all your specifications and also adds taste to your property, with our love for quality, customer satisfaction, and attention to details. Browse through our selection and make a safe and stylish investment.

  • Gargoyle Griffin Statue for Driveway or Garden


    Gargoyle Griffin Lawn Statue Bringing a sense of sophistication and wealth, these Gothic style griffin garden statues elevate the home or yard while adding  a touch of Victorian macabre.  Painted right here at our warehouse! Sold one at a time.  We offer finishes of Gold, Pewter, and Black.  If a finish is not specified you…

  • Giant Custom Painted Rooster Statue for Chicken Restaurant


    This Chicken Statue by the Kings Bay masterfully combines humor and refinement. Whether you’re an enthusiastic collector, a farmhouse decor devotee, or just seeking an unusual ornament, our carefully made rooster sculpture will engage you and enchants you. Every statue in our collection is designed meticulously to achieve a realistic representation that gives a feel of like that of the countryside touch to any location.

    Made of quality materials, these chicken statues withstand harsh weather and is perfect for your outdoor décor. The versatility of our chicken statues fits in any type of decor from rustic to modern.

    We offer high quality pieces that enhances the beauty and define the character of your home. Our chicken statues collection is no different, catering for any taste in size and style. Liven up your décor with a taste of farmhouse style mood. Find out how to turn your place into a warm, comfortable nest using The Kings Bay’s chicken sculptures.

  • Large Wilbur the Pig Sculpture in Black or Pink


    Large BBQ Pig Sculpture Smiling wide and enjoying the sunshine, Wilbur the Pig sits happily in his mud,  free from the worries of life. Great For: Farms, Schools, Restaurants, and more! Live high on the hog and treat yourself! Your Barbecue joint will thank you.  Painted right here at our warehouse!  If another color is…

  • Lawn Jockey Garden Statue for Equestrian Lovers


    Find the perfect addition to the outdoor decor with the exclusive Black Lawn Jockey for SALE at The Kings Bay. Our precision made lawn jockey statue is not only a beautiful and traditional addition to your garden but also a fantastic conversation piece. Built from high-quality, long-lasting materials, this classic item is created to withstand the elements, making sure that it will always be a part of your outdoor space.

    Our Black Lawn Jockey for SALE is not only a decoration; it is a symbol of history and art. The detailed design of the black glossy finish reflects the quality and aesthetics that we believe in. This lawn jockey would be ideal for those who have an interest in gardening, and history, or even for those wanting to add a unique touch to their project.

    Regardless of where you decide to position it, whether near your driveway, in your garden, or near your entryway, our Black Lawn Jockey is sure to make a statement. This is an excellent way to improve your house’s appeal to the outdoor world and create a friendly welcome for visitors.

  • Life Size Alaskan Moose Sculpture in Bronze


    Life Size Alaska Moose Statue Ranging from Alaska to the western Yukon,the Alaska Moose is the large subspecies of its kind, inhabiting boreal forests in solitary. Known for their trophied antlers and other-worldlysize, this Alaska moose statue is perfect for: Schools, Hotels, Campsites, and Hunting Grounds. Sizes can vary a bit as these are hand…

  • Life Size Gorilla Ape Statue in Non Rust Aluminum for Indoor or Outdoor Use


    Life Size Gorilla Statue Straight from the remote Pangani mountains of Central Africa, and into your home or establishment, this detailed gorilla statue is a majestic tribute to our endangered mountain dwelling friends. Standing at roughly 4 ft tall, this gorilla is approximately the size of a small adult. Perfect for Zoo's, museums, and themed…

  • Life Size Native American Indian Statue for Tobacco or Cigar Store


    Life Size Native American Statue Dressed in a traditional attire and ready for adventure, this cigar store Indian statue features impeccable detail and a matte black painted finish. Surveying the heartland, cigar bundle in hand, our life-size headdress chief is sure to be the landmark piece of your establishment. For indoor or outdoor use. Painted…

  • Pair of Wall Mounted Royal Lion Crest Sculptures


    Wall Mounted Lion Crests These regal crowned lion crests come crafted from non-rust cast aluminum and featured in a bright gold painted finish.  Can also be finished  in Aged Gold, Silver, or Black  European Wall Art For Garage Doors, Front Doors, Fencing, Etc.  Can be modified to add screw holes.  A stunning plaque  for the…

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    Pair of Winged Cat Gargoyle or Griffin Statues Gold Finish


    Winged Cat Griffins Statues Griffins and Gargoyles were traditionally used  to ward off bad luck and malicious spirits.  Over the ages, buildings incorporated these  beasts in various depictions for added exterior flare.  However, their original intent remains intact… protection from evil.  Quality crafted and built to last,  these items are casted from non-rust aluminum and…

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    Pair of Winged Cat Gargoyle or Griffin Statues Painted Black


    Discover the enchanting world of mystical decor with The Kings Bay’s latest collection: the Gargoyle cats. This one of a kind sculpture with mystical appeal of medieval gargoyles and the whimsical character of a cat resulting in a charming new member of your home and garden. Handcrafted with tremendous care, our Cat Gargoyle is far more than just a decorating item but rather a protection and good luck symbol adding a bit of magic to your environment.

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this marvel of art and craft represents the high standards of The Kings Bay in terms of quality and creativity. Either pulled atop a bookshelf, guarding a garden path, or greeting visitors at your doorstep, the Cat Gargoyle is certain to be a talking point and treasured member of your household.

    Made out of sturdy materials, this Cat Gargoyle is built to last through different elements to keep its appeal and character unchanged for the future. Don’t let the opportunity of owning a piece of mythical grace pass you by. Add the bewitching Cat Gargoyle to your collection. This piece is not just an article; it is a gem that encompasses elusive and fanciful charm.

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    Patriotic American Bald Eagle Garden Statue 27 Inches Tall


    Bald Eagle Statue Looking to show your pride for your country?  Then look no further than our non-rust cast  aluminum Eagle sculpture. Life size and rust resistant, this sculpture features  a hollow interior and matte black painted finish.  If you wish to change the color after purchase,  a simple can of spray paint will suffice. …

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    Prowling Panther or Cougar Statue 48 Inches Tall


    Prowling Panther Statue Stunning, bronze painted cougar or leopard statue  in a posed climbing position, talking down the mountain. This cast aluminum feline is ready to claim its territory.  Painted right here in our US warehouse. Base has tabs to secure to the ground if need be.  Anchors are NOT included.  MUST BE TRUCK SHIPPED. …

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    Sitting Alien Statue Drinking – non Rust Aluminum Glow In Dark


    Alien Statue Art Installation Need a perfect selfie spot in your business ?     How about a  glow in the dark alien that's in need of a friend?  Fresh from Area 51 and ready to unwind,  our life size spaceman lounges in his seat,  sipping cold drinks while saving you a space.  Painted and…

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    Victorian Style Horse Head Hitching Post


    Horse Hitching Post In Victorian times these would line the streets,  bolted to marble for flare and support, a rider would come to tether their horse. Usually beside it a step is installed for  ladies and children to easily mount.  A replica of Victorian Days Gone by,  this non-rust aluminum hitching post features a matte…