Old Fashioned Signs

Shop For Old Fashioned Signs and Vintage Banners!

Nothing lends personality to a room like a vintage sign. The Kings Bay has just the right one for your home, business or country getaway.

Does your den, bar or business need one more touch to set it apart? Think about how a well-chosen, well-placed sign can transform that ordinary room into a room to remember. The Kings Bay has a sign suitable for any room in your building, from an office or a kitchen to a bathroom, entryway or hallway.

What a conversation starter these signs are! People will ask, where did you get that? How did you come to think of it? What an interesting spot for that particular sign!

The Kings Bay signs run from the practical to the whimsical. Signs that slyly identify a space. Signs with classic brand names. Signs in the shape of ice cream cones. In our varied stock you’ll find just the right sign to highlight that special room.

Pick a few for your own home or business, and another as a gift to delight a friend.

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