We Are The Best Place To Buy Mirrors!

Every home needs a few mirrors. The Kings Bay selections aren’t just mirrors; they’re showpieces.

When you view the average mirror on the wall, you see your reflection, and you may notice the frame. When you look into The Kings Bay mirrors, there’s a reflection in the glass, and there’s also a reflection of the person who had the discernment to hang it there.

Our mirrors are more than just something to comb your hair in. They’re artwork from around the world. There are metallic mirrors with finished or rustic looks. Porthole mirrors where the glass is surrounded by rope, chrome, driftwood or, for something completely different, old wooden shoes. Mirrors in the shapes of unique windows. Mirror frames of sculpted wood and even decorated with folk art.

Make a selection from The Kings Bay collection and delight yourself with just how distinctive a mirror can be.

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