Chandeliers, Pendants, Table Lamps, Floor lamps: The Kings Bay has unexpected finds in all types of lighting.

Our chandeliers are noted for their style and variety. We have some with classic good looks, but we’re especially known for unique and inventive interpretations that you won’t find anywhere else. These chandeliers are as much artistic sculptures as they are lighting. Whether they’re encased in stunning metallic geometric designs or fashioned from real oyster shells, they’re one-of-a-kind offerings that will make visitors take notice.

The Kings Bay lighting doesn’t stop with chandeliers. There are also sconces, dock lights and table and floor lamps with both traditional and uncommon designs..

Imagine the panache The Kings Bay lighting will add to your next gathering. Imagine how much you yourself will enjoy it each time you flip on the switch.

These unique pieces are in stock at The Kings Bay just waiting to enhance your home or business with lighting that is anything but ordinary.

Not sure what size chandelier you need?

Simply add the length plus the width of your room and that is the approx diameter of the chandelier that will best fit your room.

Example: If your room is 8 feet wide by 10 feet deep you would add both numbers up to get 18. You now know you would need a 18 inch diameter chandelier!

Read our blog here to find out even more about chandeliers.

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