Garden Furniture / Decor

The Kings Bay boasts a vast selection of Garden Furniture and Decor

Our unique findings include non rust furniture for outdoor seating as well as ornamental elements meant to style and charm. Because outdoor spaces add panache and function to your home while extending your living space into the fresh outdoor air, we have sourced an array of antique style furniture as well as decorative pieces such as weather vanes, fountains, sculptures, and even architectural lawn edging.Garden furniture/decor spans the design spectrum from traditional to contemporary to whimsical and affords limitless creativity to the homeowner. Whether you envision a conversation patio set in emerald green next to your cutting garden, or a vintage style fire hydrant nestled amid your perennials, we have what you need to personalize your space. Unique garden decor sculptures and embossed tin buckets will help define the outdoor rooms of your home and even house your summer herbs!

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