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    2 Ft Alligator or Crocodile Waiter Statue with Tray


    Alligator Butler Waiter Statue "Wet your appetites and come in for delicious food or drink" That's what this fun gentleman gator waiter tells its patrons. The handsome statue is both artistic and functional, given that the tray can be used for holding drinks and appetizers. It's perfect for any restaurant or bistro style kitchen. Features:…

  • 2 ft Hawaiian Shark Butler Statue Holding Tray


    Shark Butler Waiter2 Ft Statue with Tray Old Gold Tie Kitchen Pub Bar Shark Butler Server Statue with Tray Sharknado fans will adore this handsome waiter! We have a full collection of butler and server statues as well as great items for: * Hotel / Restaurant and Taverns * Home Bar Decor * Sharknado Fans…

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    40″ Life Size Baby Elephant Statue with Dumbo Ears


    Life Size Baby elephant sitting with nose in air ! So cute , this hand crafted and painted baby elephant sitting in a playful pose. Sure to be a big hit with your friends or children Age: New Construction: Fiberglass and Resin Size: 40.5" tall by 33" depth by 29" wide at ear

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    4ft Life Size Alligator or Crocodile Garden Statue


    Four Foot Long Crocodile So life like it will truly shock and amaze your friends or customers! Just look at these photos… Put one by the front door and everyone thought it was rea. Swamp people will love this one, too! Indoor or Outdoor. Why did the alligator cross the road ? To get to…

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    8 ft Life Size Grizzly Bear in Dark Bronze


    Grizzly Black Bear Statue Great for outdoor or indoor display in yards or business establishments. Please include a phone number in the notes when you purchase this statue so that the shipping company can arrange with you for the delivery schedule. 8 foot tall life-size statue. Sizes do vary a bit as these are hand…

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  • Biscaretti Inspired Wine Drunk Monkey Sculpture


    Drunken Happy Monkey Butler Statue This guy has a few too many and seems to be ready for a few more. So much fun. Your friends or customers will love this funny sculpture Size: 26.5" tall by 15" wide by 19" depth Construction: Fiberglass and Resin Don't be confused by knock off look a likes…

  • Boxer Butler Toilet Paper Holder with Extra Roll


    Peeee Ewww! This little boxer holds his nose from the smells coming from the restroom, but this trooper holds on to your toilet paper nonetheless. He is dressed to the nines, even though he lives in the bathroom. With one roll held ready for use, and spot for at least three extra rolls to be…

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    Bronze Painted Hippo Statue 70″


    Baby Hippopotamus Statue. Hippos are hoofed vegetarians that feed  on grass, fruit, and crops such as sugar cane. Known for being mostly nocturnal animals, the hippopotamus has exceptional eyesight  that is companied by a clear membrane allowing for greater visibility when underwater.  Contrary to the belief that these creatures are just large and docile,  the…

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    Folk Art Inspired Rusted Pig Weathervane


    Folk Art Pig mounted on base ready to show your country style Swirly tail and 3d body made of rusty tin with a heavy sturdy base Looks like a real antique Alas he is made brand new Construction: Rust Tin with 3 Dimensional Body Age: New Size: 27.5" x 4" x 18" Wood base is…

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    Funny Pig Toilet Paper Holder Statue with Extra Roll


    Piggie Pig Statue Holding his nose toilet paper holder. What fun this pig will be in you bathroom. He stands three foot tall to top of wooden handle that holds up to three extra rolls. Not only cute but very handy as he has extra rolls right at your finger tips. Sits on faux wooden…

  • Life Size Alaskan Moose Sculpture in Bronze


    Stunning Moose Sculpture Statue Life Size Great for hunting lodge rack trophy school or college mascot hotel – motel – restaurant decor Antlers are 38" wide by 46" long 76" overall length from nose to tail 5 foot tall at highest antler Sizes can vary a bit as they are hand crafted Construction: Non rust…

  • Life Size Hippo Hippopotamus Sculpture Statue Zoo Fun Safari 116″ Long


    Life Size Big Hippo Sculpture or Statue Safari StyleThe common hippopotamus, or hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous, semiaquatic mammal native to sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae, the other being the pygmy hippopotamus. The name comes from the ancient Greek for “river horse”. Starting a Zoo ?…

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  • Life Size Hump Day Camel Statue


    Life Size Camel Statue Great for decor or even that Christmas Scene at your home or church ? Great for your home of maybe at the office ? Museum Replica YES , what day is it ? It's Hump Day ! Mike , Mike , Mike it's Hump Day !!!! Size: 98" Long x 29"…

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    Life Size Lion Statue for Zoo Display


    Lifesize Lion King Statue Sculpture Don't we all need two of these out front guarding our home or business ? This full size lion king animal sculpture is fiberglass and resin construction and hand painted Gorgeous and regal and Handsome ! 74.5" by 23.75" by 55.5" About 103 lbs weight Trucked to your curb Age:…

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  • Life Size Matador Bull Head


    Life Size Bull Head Bust Your bull head is hand made from durable resin and hand painted and makes a unique statement Great bull fighter look Size: 30 inches wide from tip to tip of horns by 24 inch depth by 26 inches tall Weight: 17 lbs Age: New

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    Life Size Moose Statue with Large Antlers


    Life Size Moose Statue with Huge Antler Rack This handsome fella is just the perfect gift for that hunter or wild animal lover He has a very large rack and ships via truck right to your curb So many places he can go. Mini Golf ? In the woods in your back yard ? How…

  • Seasonal Painting of Pug in Sweater with Scarf


    Dog in Sweater on Canvas Artwork Canvas Transfer Art of the cutest dog and of course well appointed in a sweater and scarf ready for that fun country design Would this not make a great present for a friend or maybe a present to yourself? Age: New Construction: Canvas Painting Transfer Size: 24 inches by…

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  • Set of Six Mini Flying Pig Statues Available in Multiple colors


    Set of 6 pcs sold at one time ! ( you can choose one color or mix of colors ) Just put in notes what you need when checking out These flying little piggies are more than cute Construction: Solid Cast Iron Size: 3.5" long by 1.75" wide at wings by 2.5" tall ( sold…

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  • Standing Dog Statue with Ceramic Message Board


    Resin Dog with Ceramic Message Board He stands of 16" tall and is so cute ! Hanging ceramic area for keeping track of your grocery list or even great for marking items that you have to eat. Age: New Construction: Resin and Ceramic Size: 11-1/2"L x 16-1/2"H

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    Victorian Style Horse Head Hitching Post


    These horse head hitching post used to line the streets in victorian days , usually bolted to a marble piece with a step next to it for the ladies and kids to have an easier time to get up on the horse that is stationed at this post Size: 41.5" by 6.5" diameter base Material…