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Pendulux: Innovative Yet Nostalgic

Pendulux’s products take you on a reminiscent journey into the past, where high quality materials are used to re-imagine the necessary inventions for the modern era.  Every item is designed by hand using components made of solid brass, polished aluminum, individually crafted sheet metal and the like, to form clocks, lighting and décor that will stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically.  The historic character and inventive, modern functionality of each unique piece allows you to simultaneously talk a walk down memory lane while marching boldly into the future. We hope you find our Pendulux Buying Guide useful! Make sure to check out their awesome Pinterest Page

Microphone Pencil Holder

Allow this Retro Microphone Pencil Holder from Pendulux to make you feel like a 1940’s Cabaret star! This desk accessory has an authentic look and feel with polished solid cast aluminum and brass trim.  It has a weighted base with a felt bottom to ensure that this beauty will last through many more decades on stage. Go ahead, sing your heart out whenever the mood strikes you!

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Edison Side Table Light

Use this table light to bring out your scientific inventor side. The wooden box has a vintage patina and solid brass details.  The rotary switch independently controls each bulb to allow the perfect amount of light to illuminate your plans. Available in a single or double fixture. Perfect for an office desk, home bookshelves or bedside tables. Use a standard base, Edison-style bulb to transform your space into a scientific inventor’s lab. This vintage inspired feel is what has made Pendulux so popular!

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Sputnik Space Ship Table Clock

This unique clock will make you feel like a space explorer. Inspired by the pages of 1950’s sci-fi comics, this is a relic of retro futuristic fins and antenna.  There is an acrylic window for alien observation and an adjustable stand for alternate angles of aerial attack. Let your desk clock transport you through time and space each and every time you check the time!!

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Steamboat Vintage Clock

Become a turn-of-the-century mariner with this Steamboat Willie Table Clock. Love of the early steam power revolution and all things maritime combine perfectly in this stately mantle clock. The painted aluminum and brass clock floats atop a genuine marble base. Designed with a nod to model ships encased in glass and mounted on solid frames, this piece incorporates a clock with a housing borrowed from a 1910’s steamship bridge. It also has an operable brass steam piston on the stern to portray the movement of the original parts found on steamships. This matchless Pendulux timepiece will spark both interaction as well as the imagination. Its durability and timelessness will ensure its place in your home through the next turn of the century!

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Dad’s Woodshop Nautical Bookends

These classic Pendulux bookends are forges of polished cast aluminum and brass on a heavy iron base.  The operational handwheel and screw will keep your editions of Melville, Verne and all the classics neat and tidy on your shelves. These small-scale versions of early turnbuckles won’t just regulate the sail line tension – let them transport you to the high seas and all the adventure that awaits, all while keeping your books in ship shape!

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We are excited to carry the Pendulux brand of gifts, clocks, and other cool vintage items. Be sure to check out all of the Pendulx offerings from The Kings Bay here: Shop For Pendulux

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