How To Pick The Right Bathroom Fixtures

Picking the right bathroom fixtures doesn’t have to be something you keep putting off. If you consider our ideas for embracing the process, we can help you check this off your to-do list. With vision for finding what you want, as well as a twinkle in your eye for discovering the unexpected, you’ll be set up for success. 

What was that about “a twinkle” in the eye? Well, we at The King’s Bay, are firm believers in the element of surprise.  A little whimsy never hurt anyone! To the contrary, it has been shown to actually delight, and add warmth and character, to the home. Our design savvy buyers at The Kings Bay have built an entire product line, rooted in quality and originality, across the home and living categories. We suggest you keep an eye out for items with flair as you go about picking the right bathroom fixtures for your space. It’s still true that form and function must meet in your selection process, but have a little fun as you work to achieve the aesthetic you desire as well as the usefulness you need. 

We want the process of sourcing bathroom fixtures on The Kings Bay to feel like consulting with your interior designer. Our seasoned designers have curated a unique collection for you. That’s what we strive to do at The Kings Bay: create the perfect edit. It’s our passion, so we invite you to peruse this sampling of bathroom design elements, all of which we trust to meet your needs and please your eye. 

A hint of “old-world” can be a welcome design choice

Green Brass Country Maiden

What we love about appointing the bathroom is that some key features, such as this towel bar, can really distinguish the room. A hint of “old-world” can be a welcome design choice as you finish a space, so consider this towel bar as you finish yours. You can feel free to experiment a little with style when it comes to the bathroom. Embrace that freedom!

This little soap dish has a similar antique-inspired look to the French Maiden towel bar

Solid Brass Soap Mount

This little soap dish has a similar antique-inspired look to the French Maiden towel bar described above. Borrowing from yesteryear, this charming soap dish holds both practical functionality and “Grandma’s house” appeal. Priced sensibly, it is a fitting addition to your bathroom space.

this delicate piece is eye-catching as well as functional

Soap & Sponge Holder

The sparse design of this delicate piece makes it eye-catching as well as functional. Its lines and form make it “utilitarian architecture” to which people will respond with the question: “Where did you get that?”

this vessel basin sink is sure to become a conversation piece

Petrified Wooden Bathroom Counter

Vessel sinks, which come in various fabrications and silhouettes, add an attractive focal point for the bathroom interior. This petrified wood vessel appears to have come from an enchanted forest, but actually functions as a bathroom sink! Complete the look with one of our carefully selected faucets, and this vessel basin sink is sure to become a conversation piece. 

Natural stone offers great appeal in a bathroom

Marble Bathroom Vanity Counter

The travertine marble used in this handcrafted vessel sink is simply stunning. Natural stone offers great appeal in a bathroom because it is at once practical and sculptural. Incorporating this vessel sink, with its elegant earth tones, into your bathroom layout will prove a timeless choice with elevated style. 

Think outside of the big box store here

Antique Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Sometimes, the last item given design consideration in a bathroom is the toilet paper holder, an item which is actually among the most frequently used! Think outside of the big box store here and decide which one we’ve sourced for you will work best in your space. This one has a Williamsburg air about it, tasteful and sensible, but refusing to call attention to itself. I would call this a “just right” design choice for your bathroom. 

This cheeky toilet paper holder is as useful as it is eccentric

Dog Butler Toilet Paper Holder

You know by now that The Kings Bay is big on the wow factor. In fact, we still believe that you should consider a life-sized T-Rex in your backyard for your children or grandchildren! But I digress. This cheeky toilet paper holder is as useful as it is eccentric. Not only does the dapper canine dispense toilet paper, but it also holds spare toilet paper rolls. Our unexpected boxer bathroom statue boasts a brilliant design which you and your house guests will chuckle at every time. 

As this post about choosing the right bathroom fixtures and accessories wraps up, here are some bonus tips for you to ponder:

  • Consult your virtual or physical file folder as you shop online or in stores. Keep notes about which bathroom elements are in place, or already purchased, and which ones you are still seeking to find. Update this list with delivery dates, store associate contact information, etc. More is more, in this case. 
  • Don’t restrict yourself to one finish in a bathroom. I learned this recently from Katie Rosenfeld, New England’s interior design extraordinaire. Stainless, brass, bronze, antique oil-rubbed bronze, and black are all good options. No longer does every element have to match. What a relief!
  • Lastly, trust your instincts. If you see a bathroom element and really respond to it, go with your gut. If it serves the purpose for which you need it, and you love it, buy it! Done.

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