How To Create A Nautical Theme In Your Home

When it comes to giving your home a beachy, ocean-inspired feel, nothing gets you closer than nautical interior design. As such, nautical design is closely related to coastal styles and often ends up being incorporated with them. Nautical colors and ocean-related things like sea creatures, anchors, ships, and more are all classical components of nautical design. If you love the ocean, nautical design could be the right interior design theme for you.

However, a nautical motif isn’t exactly the easiest one to accomplish. It walks a fine line that can border on kitsch if not executed with care. In order to help you actualize your vision of sunsets, sailboats, saltwater, and a soothing sea breeze we have provided some appealing and practical ways to integrate a nautical style in your home.

Paint Your Walls in Navy Blue and White Tones 

One of the first things that comes to mind when envisioning a nautically-inspired room is the pairing of a contrasting navy blue and white. If you’re starting with all four walls in a room painted in a pure white, you can paint the two-end walls in a navy tone so as to contrast perfectly. Another impactful option is to paint all walls navy blue but accent the trim with white lines.

If bright contrasts aren’t your thing, you can still adopt a nautical theme with a maritime museum feel in mind, opting to finish your walls in wood veneers to mimic the vintage, wooden boat scene that is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Use Nautical-Themed Fabric

Another nautical interior design idea is to use nautical-themed fabric. Even if your nautical decor components are more subtle and suggestive, you can define a nautical theme in a room and tie them altogether by using nautical prints. Your nautical theme should involve the integration of throw pillows, floor runners or area rugs, linens (where applicable), and window fashions with patterns common to your theme. These can include obvious items such as anchor designs embroidered on pillows to more subtle integration of navy blue and white tones on curtains and blinds. These additions add a soft touch that complements the concept while maintaining the sophistication of your home.

 Hang Nautical Decor on the Walls

Another nautical interior design idea is to bring nautical-themed decor to the walls. Hanging a ship steering wheel, anchor display, paddles, or nautical stars on the wall is a great way to add a nautical touch.

Prints, paintings and photos can also be hung on your walls to add some nautical decor. Plus there is a lot of versatility as you can add anything related to the sea. Images of the ocean, ships, sailing maps, vintage charts, anchors, sea creatures, lighthouses, and more can add a touch of nautical design to a room. You can even go with a more abstract design that features blues and whites for a more subtle touch.

Have a look at these hanging decorating ideas:

Place Bold Nautical Accent Pieces on Your Shelves & End Tables

One of the most enjoyable parts of creating this fun theme in your home is curating the smaller pieces to display on your shelves end tables.

A ship in a bottle, model sailboats or other types of ships, lighthouses, sea creatures, anchors, coral, and more are all options for nautical displays. Depending on size and quantity, you can even install a plate rail in the room. Because this type of wall trim runs along the upper portion of the wall, it’s a great way to display decor while keeping it out of the way.

Here are some decor ideas:

Install a Porthole Window in Your Room

Use a porthole window to create an atmosphere akin to the cozy quarters of a ship while allowing natural light to enter your room. A porthole window in your space commits to the nautical theme with dramatic flare.

Put Trim and Materials to Work During Your Design

If you’re still in the design phase of your home and you know you want a nautical theme, you can put trim and materials to work for you on the walls, floor, and ceilings to build a room with nautical design. You can also include it in your furniture. Natural or natural-looking timber as flooring, wall panels, or on the ceiling can help create a nautical look and feel in a room. Shiplap or beadboard can be used on the walls to add a nautical touch.

These are just a few nautical interior design ideas. There are a lot of options available with nautical design. This makes it a versatile style with a lot of choices and several ways to incorporate it into your home.

Jacques Cousteau once said “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Yes, there is much beauty and symbolism in the sea. Consider how you can take the colors and symbols of nautical decor and make them your own.

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