How Do I Set Up A Real Home Bar

When it comes to home renovations or additions, nothing compares to having a fully-functional bar inside your house. Whether you love to host friends and guests regularly or just want a stunning centerpiece for mixing drinks and storing your cocktail equipment, a home bar is the ultimate addition. 

Fortunately, installing a new home bar is much easier than you might expect. You don’t need to draw up plans, source materials, and understand complex carpentry to make it work. Instead, you can get a fully-fleshed out home bar from The King’s Bay and have it up and running in a weekend. 

What does it take to get a bar inside your house? Let’s find out. 

Building a Home Bar – Use a Contractor or Go DIY?

The question of whether to call a professional or install your bar yourself comes down to a few variables. For example, if you just want a front counter where you can mix drinks and store some glassware, you may be able to put it up yourself. However, if you want a full-scale canopy bar with a counter, bar back, and ceiling storage, it’s better to get a contractor. 

Also, installing a home bar is much more complex if you add any plumbing to the equation. A sink is essential for cleaning glassware and pouring out ice, but adding an extra fixture to your home requires extensive knowledge and training. Also, if you need to install any wiring or electronics (i.e., bar lights and/or a mini fridge), it’s best to call an electrician. You don’t want to risk injury or damage your bar just to save a few bucks. 

How to Set Up Your Home Bar?

A big part of the appeal of installing a home bar is that you get to create it from the ground up. So, you can let your creativity flow and explore tons of different options, from decor to glassware. Here are the broad steps to follow when putting a bar inside your house. 

Step One: Pick a Theme

This is your bar, so you can dress it up however you like. Some examples of common bar themes include: 

  • Tiki Bar – Adding some bamboo and thatching to the bar can give it an exotic feel, and you can mix things up with colored lighting and lots of tropical plants. Even something as simple as adding a fake palm tree next to the bar can transport you to paradise. 
  • English Pub – The King’s Bay has some incredible home bars infused with that Old World feeling. Rich woods and antique styling can make you feel like you’re visiting Merry Old England every time you want a pint. 
  • Rustic – You can make your home bar feel like it’s been around the block a few times with vintage metal signs, faded wood accents, and modern rustic decor. However, we recommend going this route only if your home has other rustic elements or the bar will feel out of place. 

When picking a theme, you don’t have to infuse every piece of furniture with the same aesthetic. For example, you may start with a classic English-style counter and then decorative elements to turn it into something more unique. Also, if you have a generic “skeleton,” it’s easier to switch themes. For example, you can dress up the bar for various holidays. 

Step Two: Consider Your Uses

If you’re planning on hosting parties regularly, you want a full-sized bar with lots of storage space for glassware and cocktail-making essentials. You also need extra counter space for drink preparation, such as cutting citrus wedges or making garnishes. In this case, a bar with a sink, fridge, and ice maker would be ideal, so you have to accommodate each of these elements. 

Conversely, if you just want a home bar that works as a decorative accent, you can get away with a simple front counter or back bar setup. This way, you can keep your liquor and glassware organized, but you don’t have to worry about mixing lots of drinks for thirsty guests. 

Another thing to consider is whether you want to be able to sit at the bar or just use it for mixing drinks. A front counter with bar stools is necessary for the former setup, but not so much for the latter.

Step Three: Stock the Essentials

No matter what, a home bar needs liquor, glassware, and a cocktail-making set. Anything on top of these elements can help make your bar more practical, but they’re all just icing on the cake. Ideally, you’ll have room for a relatively well-stocked selection of drinks, including mixers and chasers. As far as glassware goes, you should have a mix of stemware, tumblers, and shot glasses for different occasions. 

Other “essential” components can include: 

  • Mini Fridge – This way, you can store soda and other chilled mixers on-hand. 
  • Freezer – Ice is necessary for most cocktails, but you can always use your fridge’s ice maker or an ice bucket. 
  • Wine Rack – If you plan to serve wine, you need a place to store the bottles so they’re always within reach.
  • Sink – A built-in sink will come in handy for washing glassware once you and your guests are finished. 
  • Garnish Caddy – This piece is perfect for hosting parties when you need lime wedges, cherries, and other garnishes on hand. 

Get All Your Home Bar Essentials From The King’s Bay

We make it easy to turn your dream of having a home bar into a reality. We offer a wide selection of ready-to-install bars, including full-service models or simple front counters. Browse our selection and contact us when you’re ready to take the leap!

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