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Antique Hardware & Vintage Door Knobs – Staff Favorites!

A Round Up Of Our Favorite Vintage Styled Pieces and Antique Hardware!

Antique hardware and antique door knobs are awesome! There may be more creative ways to say that, but let’s just keep it simple. All of us here at The Kings Bay love some patina on old brass and can’t get enough of anything oiled bronze.  To us, vintage hardware, whether original, inspired, or a solid reproduction, adds a level of beauty and detail to our homes that’s hard to rival. Finished decor can always be topped off with great pulls, knobs, and handles.

We are going to look at a few of our favorite pieces in several categories that inspire us.  They will definitely add some luster to your home.! From Victorian glass door knobs to solid brass rim locks, our selection is vast.

Solid Brass Victorian Rim Lock

What Is A Rim Lock Door?

Rim lock hardware is used on the surface of a door when the door isn’t thick enough to have lock hardware mortised into it. Dating back from the 1800’s, they were especially popular during Victorian times.  Because they sit on the surface of the door, they lend a very strong visual presence to any room.

Our turn of the century reproduction rim lock set is ready to install, made from solid brass castings and comes with ceramic knobs and authentic keys.

Antique hardware for doors

Antique Door Knob & Latch Passage Set

It’s too bad that we have to match door knobs in our house! With all these choices, it would be great to mix and match a few styles. These classic door knobs are styled from the 1920’s and have matching plates, two knobs, and a solid brass latch set.  Crafted with care, these authentic reproduction door sets will add gorgeous visual impact to your home.

Antique door knobs and hardware

Antique Brass Door Hinge

If you want to truly add some detail to your home, a set of these bronze leaf hinges will do the trick. Big, beautiful, and constructed from solid brass casting, they will be the perfect addition to complete your Victorian decor.

If you’re refurbishing your property or just decided to put some originality back in, buying antique and original door furniture can be a little daunting. With all the hardware we sell here at The Kings Bay, we might be a little biased, but to us, its just easier to buy new.  We speak to clients all the time who end up doing just that. Buying actual antique door knobs seems cool until you realize you’ll never outfit and match your entire home. Trust us, buying quality made hardware is the way to go.

We speak to customers everyday looking to do just that. Below are some brief answers to the questions we get asked. Luckily, we’re also just a phone call or an email away if you want some specific advice. There are also numerous resources on the internet surrounding antique hardware or vintage decor. Make sure to check out The Craftsman Blog if you are an avid old home person!

Victorian Door Hinges

Victorian Style Solid Brass Door Bell Button

Our wondrous, large, Victorian Doorbell Button is produced in solid cast brass and detailed with romantic scroll work.  This timeless piece is built to last and connects directly to most doorbell chimes with ease. The entire work of art perfectly embodies the Victorians’ passion for elegance.

Not all antique hardware is created equal and there are a lot of sub-par reproductions out there. You can count on The Kings Bay to bring you true, quality parts and pieces that you will be proud to have on display in your home. Next time you’re searching for antique hardware, start right here!

House Of Antiques Brass Doorbell

Brass Window Latch Set

We understand how important it is to have all the little details covered when remodeling or refurbishing an older home, especially when it comes to hardware. Over the years we have been able to source many unique, high-quality, reproduction hardware pieces and bring them to you for a fraction of what the designer shops charge.

Our flat handle, lock n’ latch set is made from thick, solid brass with a lovely aged finish that is perfect for any window or sun room. These can be used on casement or swing-out windows.

We carry a huge selection of Window Hardware! You can view them here.

Antique Window Hardware

Cast Iron Slide Bolt

No antique hardware list would be complete without this favorite! One item that makes everyone’s list is this large, cast-iron sliding lock. It would be at home in a castle just as much as in your front foyer or large garage doors. We carry several styles of slide bolts but this one is unique because of its size. Look closely in the picture and see the penny –  That’s there to give you a good idea of just how big and robust this guy is.

The bolt is solid cast iron and painted black for corrosion resistance.  Looking for something a tad bit smaller? See our Vintage Bronze Cupboard Latch here and many other antique hardware items.

Restoration Hardware Slide Bolt

Vintage Screen Door Handle & Lock

A classic Eastlake design, this easy-to-install latch is surface mounted and includes the strike plate. A built-in privacy lock is added to the original design from the 1880’s. It’s made from solid-cast, polished brass with intricate leaf detailing.

This set is designed to be mounted on the inside of wood screen doors from 1″ – 1 3/8″ in thickness that open outward.

Our locking handle is just another example of how The Kings Bay can save you time in your search for Antique Hardware and Vintage Doorknobs. If you’re building a new home or remodeling a large project, contact us for special builder quantities on all of our door hardware, vintage pulls, and more.

Buy Vintage Hardware and Vintage Door Locks

Antique Hardware Mortise Lock

Modeled after the ones used during the early 20th century, our exact reproduction mortise lock is crafted from solid brass with a beautiful Oriental fan design carved on the face. Each set is easily reversed for left or right hand use and includes two skeleton keys and a strike plate.

You can check out our recent YouTube video here on: How To Reverse A Mortise Lock.

We also carry other door locks you may need during your historic house renovation, you can see more pocket locks, sliders, and rim locks right here: Door Locks

Antique Hardware Buying Guide

Whenever we sit down to pick our favorites, it becomes quite a challenge to decide what goes on the list. It’s easy for any one of us to recommend a great vintage draw pull or brass door knob, it’s definitely something else to say which one is our favorite and which ones we would put it in our own house. Well, that’s what you have on this list of our favorite antique hardware pieces – the things we have used or would pick for our very own homes. I think that says a lot about the quality and caliber of our inventory. We always welcome questions and offer advice. Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more How To Videos.