50 Uses and Ideas for A British Telephone Booth

People often look at the British Phone Box and think it’s the coolest thing ever. They want one, but stop short, and wonder…what would I do with it? I mean, it’s a phone booth. Now we use cell phones, so how the heck would I use it? Well, we’ve got you covered!

What do I do with a British Phone Box is actually a very common question here at The Kings Bay and we are ready with the answer…actually, 50 answers!

Here is our list of ideas for creative uses of the iconic red British Phone Box.

Popcorn Booth

For your home theater, acquire a commercial popcorn machine suited for this space. Guests will be awestruck when you unveil what’s inside your home theater’s British phone booth! Pass the popcorn!


Calling all interior designers! Grab the attention of every teenage girl by outfitting her room with her own personal telephone booth closet. She’ll house only special wardrobe favorites in this eye-catching space.

Office Snack Keeper

The mood at the office will immediately lift when the red phone booth becomes the go-to snack keeper. As appealing as it  will be, it may be challenging to keep it stocked!

Time Out Spot

Use the telephone booth as your toddler’s time out spot in your playroom. Place a child’s chair in the booth, and you have yourself a spot for time out.

Public Book Shelf In A Phone Booth


For the bibliophile in your life, outfit the booth with mahogany shelves for the coolest personal library on record.

Makeup Chest

Everyone who loves to wear makeup LOVES organizing the plethora of makeup items in a way that allows all brushes, blushes, brow shaping liners and the rest to be clearly visible and easy to access. Shelves and hooks can hold bags and baskets for prime organization.

Jewelry Vault

A girl and her bobbles. Oy vey! So many jewelry pieces, so little ideas for a good way to display them. No longer true! The booth is the perfect jewelry vault. You can see everything you own and easily access that perfect piece for any given outfit.

Dog Kennel

Who wants to have a crate for their dog when this red telephone booth can safely house your pup and add panache to your space? A no brainer for those who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box.

TV Cabinet

Instead of your flat screen being the rec room feature, let the iconic red telephone booth steal the show. House your flat screen inside for an unexpected room feature.

Fish Tank — Home or Office

Refit the booth as a fish tank for a pediatrics office feature that will dazzle children of all ages. Moms and Dads will love you for it.

Home Pantry

Build fun childhood memories for your children when you bring your very own iconic red telephone booth into your home as your snack pantry. Kids will look forward to after-school snacks when the booth is the snack spot!

Refrigerator at Your Fraternity/Sorority

Every fraternity and sorority house needs its own distinguishing feature. What better idea than to outfit the British telephone booth with the house refrigerator. Who wouldn’t want to go to the house to grab refreshment after a tough day of classes on campus?

Kissing Booth Party Rental Feature

For a novelty party feature, order a booth and hang the mistletoe to wow all party goers. When was the last time you attended a party that had something this awesome?

Photo Booth

Stock the booth with photo props and attract party goers who will want to mark the moment.

Linen Closet

For a quirky home feature, add the booth to your life as the perfect linen closet. Folded towels and sheets have never had a nicer resting spot.

British Phone Booth With Shower


How cool would it be to make this an outdoor shower? Ask your carpenter to  add a waterproofing treatment to make the booth your own private outdoor shower!

Bird House

The bird in your life will love perching in this spot as your beloved pet. How fun. Why not?

Shoe Closet

The only thing better than a killer shoe collection is a killer place to feature your shoes! Go for it with the iconic red telephone box!

Mini Art Gallery

Think about all the art you can hang in this cool space. Photographs, drawings, and oil paintings in various sizes…use your imagination!


Enter the booth as you enter your elevator at home. It’ll thrill you every time.

Art Supply Storage

Dedicated space for your art materials is what you need. Make the red booth into that space. Art meets art.

Meditation Spot

It’s nice to have a getaway in your house. No need to get in the car. Hit the booth when you need to step away and meditate. Breath in your own space.

Boutique Dressing Room

Boutiques can stand out in your memory when they have a special eye-catching feature. Let this red telephone booth be a dressing room in your boutique. Better yet, buy three so that every customer can delight in their try-on experience while shopping.

Store In a British Telephone Booth

Sound Booth

With the right rigging, the booth can take on the persona of the most rad sound booth in town.


Turn your half bath into a functional conversation piece by creating a private commode space in the iconic red telephone booth. It’ll turn an ordinary item on the daily “to do” list into an extraordinary experience!


Add this to the architecture of your home’s interior for the coolest transition from one space to another. Envision where it might fit in your home. Do you have a home theater? Place it at the entrance.

Chicken Coop

You know what they say: “Happy Chickens = many eggs!” Retro-fit the booth to be an amazing chicken coop. The coolest in the neighborhood, for sure!

Tree House Entry

Place the booth at the base of your children’s tree house for an unexpected entry.

Science Museum Display

Outfit the booth with a retrospective about the evolution of the telephone…perfect!

Gaming Hut

Retrofit the booth to be your gaming hut. How cool is that?

Flower Store Feature

There’s something so charming about flowers in silver buckets waiting to be taken home and put on display. If you are a flower seller, why not buy the British phone booth and outfit it with silver buckets to display your blossoms. You’ll surely be the talk of the town.

Vinyl Vault

You know that record collection your friends have told you to get rid of? Don’t listen! Create a vinyl vault to house all of your vintage vinyls. You’ll be the envy of the group and they’ll change their tune!

Market Display

Tuck the booth into your store to display featured food items of the week. Customers will look forward to discovering the new red booth features of the week!

Soda Fountain Feature

For your diner, make the booth your soda fountain feature. Customers can get their napkins, straws, lids and utensils in this special spot. It’ll bring a smile to every face!

Gun Cabinet

With some of us, people just know to expect the unexpected. Use this iconic booth as a gun cabinet. Be sure to put a lock on it.

Reading Nook

Can you imagine the British telephone booth as a reading nook? Add a yummy padded platform and a plethora of pillows for comfy reading time.

Art Studio

For the artist, different painting environments elicit big creativity. Outfit the booth with an easel, paints, pens and paper for an art escape in your very own home.

Vanity Room

Storage has never been so cleverly concealed as it is in this arrestingly charming red booth. Store all your bathroom essentials, from paper towel to toilet paper, and tissue boxes to spare shampoo bottles.

Wine Vault

Add this to your wine vault to house the most select bottles you own. The only thing more impressive to your friends than your vault will be the British phone booth feature inside!

Church Youth Group Feature

The iconic red telephone booth, which has already captured the hearts of our youth, becomes more appreciated when put to use as a prayer booth. Outfitted with simple nails or cup hooks for hanging prayer requests, youth can take a prayer request tag and leave one. Cleverness with meaning. Now that’s a good idea.

Very Small Weight Room

Don’t forget the importance of overall fitness and wellness. Why not turn the booth into your private weight room. It’ll motivate you to work those arms.

British Phone Booth Bar


The British phone booth is tailor-made to be a bar feature. At home or at the restaurant, friends and customers will want to belly up to the bar and enjoy the contents of the British Booth Bar.

Restaurant Decor

Do you need a restaurant feature that helps people pass the time while they wait for a table? My kids can tell you the two restaurants in our area that have the ‘the claw’ game. Imagine how appealing the iconic red phone booth would be for diners of all ages! You’re sure to develop repeat customers.

Candy Store Vignette

If you own a candy store, consider the red phone booth as the ideal eye-catching feature which not only will stand out to customers, but will also perfectly contain a plethora of candy offerings. The whimsy will draw customers who want to fill up their candy bags!

China Cabinet

For the eclectic home owner, the red telephone booth would beautifully house china. Anyone hosting a party will tell you that it’s a blast to use your fine china. How much more of a blast to pull it from the British phone box!

Board Game Storage

Board games are here to stay. Why not house them in the red phone booth which gives a nod to all things classic.

Tea Cubby

Your tea shop just got distinctly charming! Retro-fit the British booth to hold your loose teas in vintage glass jars for maximum shopper delight! Tea time!

Pool Cabana Essentials Keeper

Give your guests a chuckle poolside when they ask for a towel and you point them to the British phone booth inside your pool cabana. Backyard fun just got a cheeky upgrade.

Mud Room Keeper

Sure, you can go for the standard cubbies and locker-style look for your mudroom. But, why not mix it up by making a British phone booth the mud room storage feature.

Rental Car Company Key Keeper

Customers are sure to return to your location when they see the iconic phone booth where you store the car keys. Send your customers on their way with a smile. Works every time.

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